Adult GameDev Club


We're a group of friendly gamedevs working on games for adults. We've been meeting for ~six months now and are always open to new members.

Each week, we check in on each other to see how our projects are coming along and provide motivation to keep us hitting our goals. With any remaining time, we support each other with project problem solving and socialize with some shop talk.


The typical eligibility requirement is that folks:

  • You are over 18, and your game is for people who are over 18
  • Should have at least a project page set up somewhere (patreon, itch, steam, etc)
  • The game doesn't have to be released, but there should at least be an early screenshot of it (ie, development has started).
  • The game must have some level of erotic themes to it.

Note -- the sign-up page shows an end date of March 14th, but we're still actively meeting every week! (This page last updated July 26, 2022)

Mature Content Warning

This site contains erotic content intended only for adults.