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Noble Seed version: v4.1
v4.1 Public Release

v4.1 Changelog:


  • Intro scene, story introduction
  • BGM's
  • "Character stances" that affects cards(not animated yet, and very simplified)
  • Animation clips on lewd actions instead of slide-shows
  • "Fix Clothes" are now part of player's deck


  • Slide-shows was replaced with video clips
  • Cards no longer require to press "perform button", click on them is enough
  • Targeting are built-in into cards, player no longer need to chose affected targets
  • All cards are replaced with new (6 types for now, will be more later) cards. There are very low amount of them for now, more will be added later
  • Enemies now appearing on screen instead of icons on side
  • Tutorial hint, according to current system
  • Hand with cards will be horizontal instead of radial
  • After combat statistics screen require mouse click to continue instead of fixed wait in time
  • "Action Point" are now shown as number in UI instead of many separate icons


  • In "difficulty selection" cursor prevent to navigate to other modes normally
  • Tooltips not showing real numbers
  • "End Turn" button will no longer shrink to "zero" during pulsation
  • Animation may stuck
  • Freezes at some point
  • Bandit "Breasts Pat" animation didn't showed
  • Bandit "Ass Massage" animation didn't showed
  • "Disclaimer" will no longer has fixed wait time, it will be skipped by "press any key" instead
  • Last frame of previous animation is shown on beginning of next animation
  • Sometimes game stuck if enemy was killed on previous turn


  • Old cards
  • Distance for attacks
  • Movement
  • Unused elements and stats (like move speed and etc.)
  • Mention about enemy "Move" action in "Action Log"

Build Link

The Underworld version: 41.69
r41.69 - Map Arrows & Bug Fix Update

Doing a quick round of bug fixes since there were some (unintentional ;)) softlock situations, along with some problems with the map displaying weirdly on load. New build is released in both full version and demo flavors. Also one new map feature since I was already in the map code:

Map Arrows

Previously when navigating between maps, the minimap showed no indication that there was a path to another map (ex: Haven -> Desert). This was a bit confusing, so now the minimap shows arrows when a room has a connection to another map.

Bug Fixes

  • 63: Save/load forgets that Micky was TF’ed
  • 91: Bosses can be beaten multiple times for duplicate loot
  • 93: Eggs do not delete after being used
  • 95: Infinite hp —-> broken map glitch
  • 97: When loading, unexplored room links are missing
  • 99: No method to milk self in farm post-farm victory

Now back to working on the content update!

Build Link

Misc Improvements

Today's updates to the site cover misc QOL improvements:

  • Added ability to clear the entered tags or reset the whole form on the tag add page, which helps with the workflow for adding tags with different targets/level
  • Fixed an issue where thumbnails were not being compressed at all, so pages now load faster
  • Changed 'Games List' to 'Games' in sidebar

.io Domain Exception & Bug Fixes

I'm excited to share that we were granted an exception from the .io registry to use our domain for legal adult content! Based on this, I have changed the primary domain back to ''.

Also, a couple bonus improvements:

  • Individual news posts now include proper title and opengraph tags
  • Fixed an issue where pagination for the list of games with a particular tag didn't keep the tags parameter (ie, it was linking back to all games)

Domain change + new features

Our first set of website updates!

  • Changed domain name from '' to ''. Personally, I still prefer the .io TLD, but they technically don't allow NSFW, as was informed in the last club meeting. I reached out to them in the hopes of changing this one day, but going to launch with .games for now.
  • Image upload max size increased from 2MB -> 10MB
  • Though the website still doesn't support resizing gifs, it does now return the original gif file when looking at the full image. This can be useful for embedding 'inline' type animated images. There's still a max 10MB limit -- tools like GIF Optimizer can massively reduce gif sizes.
  • If your images are already uploaded somewhere, there's now an option to download from URL instead of uploading file.
  • Fixed some bugs with tags that have '&' in them, most notably point & click
  • Added a page that lists the tags on the site.
  • Got most of the games from the club added to the site. I did my best tagging them, but you know your games better than anyone, so please do feel free to go in and adjust!
  • More consistent result ordering on various pages

The Underworld version: 41.6
r41.6 - Install & Portrait Mode

r41.6 is now out in both demo and subscriber builds. Read on for information on the changes and future plans:

Desktop/Mobile Install

You can now install the game to your PC or mobile device. Then you can launch it from your start menu or home screen:

As this is built as a PWA (a kind of lightweight web app), no special permissions or manual updating should be required. Under the hood, it’s still just the website… but easier to get to now.

Portrait Mode

In addition to the existing landscape orientation, you can now play the game in portrait mode. This is especially helpful for new mobile players who may be confused by having to rotate their phone to get the UI to resize correctly. Here’s a before/after for comparison:

In addition, the game does a better job of resizing to fit the available space. So there should be less instances of buttons clipping offscreen on mobile devices when the browser URL bar pops in and out.

Colorized Buttons

As you may have noticed from the above screenshots, some buttons are now colorized to help differentiate them (ie: navigation). This can be disabled in settings if you prefer the old style.

Misc Improvements

  • System dropdown created — allows for quick entry into fullscreen mode, and links to other system tools (install, etc)
  • Quit button (finally!). Great for when you want to select a different build or load a game (no more retyping the website URL)
  • When session ends, there are now links back to the build select screen
  • Website – the What Is page includes some zoomable screenshots, along with big buttons on a few key pages
  • The beginnings of some secret stuff that’ll be useful for the next content update :3

Bug Fixes

Fixes for the following issues:

  • Janky text box scrolling behavior on mobile/touch devices
  • 53: Succubunny w/ Elijah scene text typo
  • 54: Arya typo
  • 68: Height does not save
  • 87: Interesting softlock with the pound
  • 88: only showing top row of controls
  • 72: UI buttons on bottom of screen are cut off on mobile
  • Double-tap to zoom on mobile devices when trying to push buttons
  • Randomly selecting button text when trying to click/tap
  • In landscape mode, it’s possible for the height of the items scroller to be too high and go offscreen
  • improvements to world items popup (many items) so that it A) doesn’t render offscreen in portrait mode, and B) renders above the button correctly and C) selects a height so that buttons will cut off if there’s too many of them, better hinting at there being more items to scroll down and look at
  • On rotate, should refit all button texts, In landscape mode, map height isn’t resizing based on available space, Examine self button is not still there on ios
  • More accurate text autofit for buttons
  • disable hover states on mobile to prevent weird button coloration
  • Only show subscribe button if not subscribed
  • Fixed some logic so in demo mode logout doesn’t force a re-login
  • made login/register forms push left/right as appropriate so it’s much easier to see on mobile (but still has side by side layout for desktop).
  • Prevent header from clipping into community button on narrow widths
  • discord link – fixed bug where blue names went away for six hours every month

Coming Up Next

It’s taking a while, but I’ve got some cool stuff coming for the next DLC content update.

A little reveal… it’s a return to the sewers area~ If you enjoyed becoming a titslug, get ready to spend way longer as one ;)


I’ve also been experimenting a bit with trying to advertise the game more. In addition to a new fancy landing page, I’ve also been making some GIFs. Here’s an ad you may have seen on a website or two:

And I have a new one coming, also:

The fox gif features brand new artwork, which was created by Alewdamao. The GIF version can be downloaded at the top of the page, or here are the HQ stills: 1, 2, 3, 4.

Build Link

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