Prohibited Content Policy

This page lists guidelines on specific content that is prohibited from being uploaded to this website.

Generally speaking, if you can host the game on major US websites like Patreon or Steam, it is most likely okay to post here.

If you find content on this website that is prohibited, please set it to 'Trash' state and inform a moderator.

Pirated Content / Copyright Infringement

It is not permitted to post content that infringes on someone else's intellectual property. Link only to official sites/builds that the developer has permitted.

Content illegal in the US

Do not upload games/art with content that would violate US law.

In particular, it is prohibited to submit games containing characters in sexual situations that appear or are younger than 18 years old (ex: loli)

Image uploads of real-world porn

Some games use imagery of real people having sex or in sexual situations. Due to the legal complexities involved, we do not host this material.

IE, if a game has a screenshot of real people having sex, do not upload that screenshot here. We only host drawn/computer generated/fictional imagery.

However, it is permitted to link to games that use real-world imagery if they comply with all relevant US regulations.

Viruses / Malware

Do not upload or link to games that include viruses or other forms of malware.

List of all policies.

Mature Content Warning

This site contains erotic content intended only for adults.