Sex and the Furry Titty

By Furlough Games

Love Stories: Sex and the Furry Titty goes to town on the city! Experience 6 new stories with an elaborate web of branching paths. Explore each one, win match-3 challenges, and get ready for 24 hot animated sex scenes!



Six all-new, original stories, one starts with a leaky sink, another with a jaunt to a lingerie shop. An encounter in the library brings two college students together, and a pair of newlyweds are trying to see all the sights, but can’t take their eyes off one another. Every time it starts with something innocent enough, but upgrades to steamy hot (and sometimes public!) sex soon after.


  • Six steaming hot stories, one better than the other
  • More than 60 fully original artworks
  • Hand-animated sex scenes that will leave you wanting more
  • Branching narrative, choices, and decisions (because sex is always exciting in many ways)
  • Classic Match-3 gameplay to add some casual fun


Category Plr N/W N/A Req Tag Name
Gameplaymatch 3
vanilla sex
anal sex
oral sex
vaginal sex
public sex
Unknownanimated scenes
Operating Systemwindows

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