Tag Guidelines

This page lists consistency guidelines for tags. These are intended to help standardize on certain tags, with the end goal of helping prospective players find games.

Spaces, not underlines

For instance, tags like "real time strategy" instead of "real_time_strategy"

Full words

In general, try to use the full words instead of abbreviations. For example use "real time strategy" instead of "rts"

The abbreviation would make for a good tag alias, though! [Tag alias system is currently TODO]

Exception - some acronyms are very rarely spelled out, like 'SCUBA' -- these should be added as acronyms.

Second exception - some acronyms don't map directly to a single tag. For instance "TFTG" implies both 'species transformation' and 'gender transformation'. As the alias system wouldn't be able to handle this, it's best to just have it as its own tag for now.

Common term

Prefer the commonly known term for something, instead of an equivalent but lesser known term. For lesser known terms, set up an alias. [Alias system TODO]

Limit use of Core Tags

Try for ~5 'Core' Tags and choose the most important ones. These are the ones that will show up underneath the game title on search, and be bolded -- it helps the viewer get a quick look at the essence of your game. However, feel free to use as many 'Common' tags as you like.


Tags should be objective, rather than subjective. For instance, 'fun' would be a poor tag as a game being fun is very subjective from person to person.


Where it makes sense, tags should prefer singular vs plural. For instance 'werewolf' vs 'werewolves'

Avoid anti-tags

Weaponizing the tag system to leave mean tags about a game or developer will result in a ban.

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Mature Content Warning

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