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The Overlord Isn't Another Isekai Protagonist, Is He?

demons, vanilla sex, oral sex, gay, player male x npc female

Have you ever wondered what awaits you after death? At 25, Kay had no plans to die, let alone to wake up in HELL one day. Did he deserve this fate, or is it all a ridiculous mistake? Kay can’t remember his past, but he believes that he doesn't belong here

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Lust Colony

vanilla sex, alien, anal sex, fingering (vaginal), herm

Follow Sophie’s adventures when she gets mistaken for another person and lands a job as colony manager on a paradisiac planet. Will she be able to live up to expectations or find someone special on this planet?

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Apostle: Rebellion

animated, big tits, creampie, harem, jrpg

The megalopolis Neo-Eden is home to many different kinds of people, including those who have machine implants. As a member of “Aphesis” which was created to fight against aliens known as “Magna,” it is your destiny to destroy them and save the world.

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